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WordPress Web Care Plans


We like to keep things simple at Captivate Websites. You are busy running your business and need to know that your website is secure and updated with the latest software patches.


Relax – We’ve got you covered!


Your website should never be set and forget. Like your car, it needs regular maintenance to keep running well and remain secure.

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Captivate websites care plans

What is a WordPress Web Care Plan?


The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Regular Maintenance.

  • Security: WordPress is a popular platform, making it a target for hackers. Regular updates, including core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates, help to patch security vulnerabilities and protect your site from potential threats.

  • Performance: Regular maintenance tasks such as optimizing images, cleaning up databases, and managing plugins can help improve the overall performance of your WordPress site. A faster website provides a better user experience and can positively impact search engine rankings.

  • Compatibility: WordPress regularly releases updates to ensure compatibility with the latest web technologies, browsers, and devices. Regular maintenance ensures that your website functions smoothly across different platforms and remains compatible with the latest industry standards.

  • Bug Fixes: Like any software, WordPress may have bugs or issues that need to be addressed. Regular updates often include bug fixes that can enhance the stability and functionality of your website.

  • New Features: WordPress is continually evolving, and updates regularly introduce new features. By keeping your website up to date, you can take advantage of these new features, improving the user experience and staying competitive online.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engines prefer regularly updated and well-maintained websites. By keeping your WordPress site current, you increase the chances of ranking higher in search engine results, attracting more visitors to your site.

  • Backup and Recovery: Regular backups are essential to protect your website from data loss in case of unexpected events, such as server failures, hacking, or accidental data deletion. Maintenance includes setting up automated backup systems and testing the restoration process.

  • User Experience: Regular maintenance ensures that your website’s design and functionality remain user-friendly. Broken links, outdated content, and other issues can negatively impact the user experience, potentially driving visitors away.

  • Legal Compliance: Laws and regulations related to websites, privacy, and data protection may change. Regularly updating your website helps ensure you remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Preventive Measures: Proactive maintenance helps prevent issues before they become major problems. Monitoring website analytics, performance metrics, and security logs allows you to identify and address potential issues early on.

Captivate WordPress Web Care Plans

Care Plan Reports

You will receive a detailed report each month with wealth of information to inform you about your website’s health and include SEO and Google traffic information.


Daily Backups

Enjoy peace of mind with nightly backups of your website to a secure, private server.

This essential service guarantees quick restoration in case of any unforeseen events, ensuring your site’s continuity and safety



Uptime Monitoring

Benefit from 24/7 scanning of your website, guaranteeing constant availability.

Have confidence in knowing your site is always accessible to your customers.


Software Updates

We meticulously monitor and safely implement updates to your website, eliminating the risk of any disruptions that could occur from manual updates.

Enjoy hassle-free website maintenance without worrying about potential errors.


Link Monitoring

Your website is scanned regularly to ensure all links work correctly.

Unresponsive or broken links are bad for SEO and can lead to poor user experience, lost revenue and a loss of trust by the visitor.


Security Monitoring

Benefit from daily scans of your website for malware, viruses, hackers, and blacklisting risks.

Stay ahead of threats, as malware can often go unnoticed for months, posing a silent but serious risk to your site’s security and reputation.


Performance Monitoring

Site speed and responsiveness are crucial for enhancing User Experience and SEO.

A slow website can drive users away and, additionally, incur Google penalties, impacting both your visitor satisfaction and search engine ranking


SEO Rank Checking

SEO ranking is vital for business success.

Stay updated on your keyword rankings, identify your competitors, and benchmark your performance against theirs to maintain a competitive edge in your market.


Google Analytics

Enhance your site’s effectiveness by tracking visitor data.

Utilise these insights to fine-tune your SEO strategies and content, aligning them with audience preferences for improved engagement and results.


Note that prices above include GST.